Why scalability is important?

Scalable tech sounds SCALABLE but what makes scalability important???

Remember - we cannot build scalable tech in a jiffy.

We all know it is important to ship fast features when a product needs to thrive and live up to the expectations of users and stakeholders.

But in most startups, it doesn’t work that way.

Founders often assume that

  • Hiring a bigger team of developers will ship features faster.
  • Code is perfect as long as the feature functions well.
  • It’s not important to create a scalable tech or clean code.

These assumptions backfire as slow progress when they wish to scale. On top of it, they end up paying high costs for building tiny features which takes more time and effort.

But, what if? I tell you there is a way

You can add any feature and functionality at very minimal cost & effort in no time.

Yes, it's possible!

Things to keep in mind while building a scalable tech.

  1. Code scalability.
  2. Server scalability.

Code scalability

Writing scalable code is super important for large-scale apps.

Because -

  1. It helps multiple teams work together in a single codebase conveniently.
  2. It gets easier to add new features.
  3. It takes less time to understand the code and focus more on the building.

Your code should be clean and maintainable.

  • Components, functions, and variable names should be meaningful.
  • Use comments to explain the code logic.
  • Use DRY and KISS rules while writing code but don’t abuse these rules.

Code navigation.

  • Navigating through your code should be easy.
  • Create a good folder structure and group similar files altogether.

Well-documented code.

  • Reading documentation is fun but writing one is painful. Have some empathy, and don’t be lazy.
  • Don’t keep flowcharts and algorithms in your mind. Spit it out in the documentation.

Server scalability.

At any stage, your app users can drastically increase which means increased API requests. In most cases, single server can’t handle it well.

In such conditions, you don’t want your app to crash. To prevent your app from crashing you can do the following -

  1. Horizontal scaling.
    1. Buy more servers.
    2. Setup load-balancer.
  2. Vertical scaling.
    1. Buy bigger server.
  3. Hybrid scaling(Horizontal + Vertical).
    1. Buy more bigger servers.

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